Top 10 Marketing Tools For Gym Owners that save time, automate, and Increase Sales
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Here's How We Use These Tools to Grow The Membership Base of Small Gyms

Gym Authority 365 - Facebook Group

A private Facebook Group for small gym owners only to network, share, and grow together. We release free trainings weekly covering lead generation, retention, and sales.  Take these free strategies and implement them in your small gym for an immediate increase in efficiency, sales, and member retention. 


A mass text messaging software that allows for personalization and automation of mass texts to prospects and members! Don't make your members download an app. They won't. Text them in mass instead and use automation and personalization so your members feel like you're engaging on a 1v1 interaction.  Our team recommends this tool to all of our "Gym CEOS". That is the gyms enrolled in our lead generation, growth, and sales program.  More importantly we give our Gym CEO's the proven text message scripts to prospect, grow, sell, and retain more memberships!


The world's number one landing page builder that our Gym CEO's use to get 100-300 leads per month! Simple drag and drop builder. View our case studies on how our program helps small gyms add an additional $10,000 - $30,000/month using Clickfunnels and a highly unique lead generation system.  

Before and After Template

SMALL gyms MUST have a testimonial wall or booklet to showcase their client results. We call this a wall of a triumph. It's a major differentiation factor from big box gyms and an instant credibility builder. Use this template to create an outline for your gym with your branding. Just swap out your logo and client photos. 

Moo Referral Cards

Want more referrals? Then you need to act like it. Use this template to create branded referral cards. Watch this training here to see how these cards can double your membership while allowing you to charge more. 


The best FREE and easy to use online app for creating branded social media graphics. Something a personal trainer can be tasked to handle (not a gym owner). 

Schedule Once

Easily have leads book an online appointment according to your or your head trainer/sales manager's availability to ensure a higher show rate for your weight loss challenges, nutrition seminars, or 1v1 consultations.  This increases show rates and automates a portion of onboarding. 

Zen Planner

Our recommended gym, kickboxing, and Crossfit CRM. This powerful sales and data membership tool keeps track of leads, members, sales, revenue, profits, accepts payments, and has a plethora of other features all small gym owners need!

Pay Simple

Our recommended payment processor that integrates nicely with Zen Planner (our recommended small gym, crossfit, or kickboxing studio CRM. Expired credit cards on file for your gym is a fast way to increase member churn rate. Pay Simple helps automate the followup if a member's credit card is no longer active so you can retain them as monthly paying client. 

Recur Post

Stop wasting time and money paying a trainer to post on Facebook and social networks. With Recur Post you can setup posts once and have them repeat on autopilot every few months. So after you have posted a few months of awesome content, it will repeat that content for you. You can also have it recycle content on an annual basis to automate posts according to your annual calendar and holiday schedule. Along with posting new updates weekly this is a great tool to automating 75% of your social media efforts. 
As Featured In:
Download the PDF below (no opt in) to save our top 10 list and or share it with your gym manager or a friend. 
About Us: 
Gym Authority 365 is a Proven small gym sales, growth, and lead generation program that consistently adds 20-30 new members per month.
Check Out The Following Case Studies and FREE gym marketing strategies below. 

Case Study: How We Added $16,000 + 254 Leads in 30 days  for a 9 Rounds Fitness Franchise Location

We believe in showing how we consistently grow small gyms with our strategies and marketing expertise. We don't buy testimonials like many of our competitors. We don't have too. This case study outlines exactly how we generated $16,000 in additional revenue plus 254 leads for a very small kickboxing studio. 

3 Tips for Drive Sales Memberships Through the Roof

Most small gyms we work with come to us because they struggle with leads, sales, and retention. Because we’ve worked with many big box gyms we understand what small gyms must do differently to grab their market share. So we decided to release for free, three ways in which small gyms can dramatically increase sales. This is a good one. 


Low Income Market: No Problem. Gym Sells $3,200 + Grabs 34 leads in First 6 Days and on track to do $13,000 in first 30 days. 

What is your excuse? Poor market? Bad staff? Large competitors? No cash flow? This case study will show you that our system works in any market plus what we did to help save this small gym from going under. (PS. the owner now has us working on his other locations)

Facebook Video: The Secret To Scaling Your Gym With One Hire. (not a personal trainer)

Join our private Facebook Group for small gym owners and gain instant access to video trainings that will grow your gym. This video introduces the secret to transitioning from a gym owner to a GYM CEO where you will work on your business not in it!

Facebook Video: How Small Gyms Can Use This Sales Tactic To Out Sell Big Box Gyms

Join our private Facebook Group for small gym owners and gain instant access to video trainings that will grow your gym. Small gym owners.... one of your competitor's weaknesses is SALES! In particular the systemization of sales. The kids that work at big box gyms are not taught to sell memberships. This is a GAP opportunity for your smaller gym to come in fast and swift. It starts with positioning, then refining, then systemizing.
Download the PDF below (no opt in) to save our top 10 list and or share it with your gym manager or a friend. 
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