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So You Can Scale, Take A Vacation, & Actually Sleep
Our Ridiculous, Burpee no nonsense, 
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Tired of marketing agencies that underdeliver? 
Even worse, those retired gym owners pretending they scaled their gym that want to sell you a course?
We know you're skeptical. We know small gyms owners.
  •  You are exhausted and run all operations of your gym
  •  You are still training clients
  •  You have 3-4 staff
  •  Your revenue has plateaued at 12k - 17k/month (your overhead is about the same)
  •  You haven't taken a real vacation (over 7 days) since you opened
  •  You have several annoying (and cheap) members you want to throw water bottles at
  •  You want to charge more per month but you grandfathered in half your membership at 50% off
  •  You've tried Facebook ads with little results
  •  Your main lead source is referrals (your churn rate matches this so you don't grow)
  •  You post on social media & hear crickets
  •  You offer a 1 day free pass ala 2001 
  •  You got your pricing from competitors (note, they are not profitable either, bad idea)
If this is you, then listen up. 
We offer a 100% money back guarantee that we will 2x your investment with us in 30 days! 
Confident. You better believe it. No one does that but the best. And that my friends is us. 
Here's What Other Gym Owners Say About Us: 
$14,450 in 30 days with our weight loss marketing program. Kristin Clover on track for $23,250 in 60 days!

$25,450 in 8 weeks! Jess now enjoys time off, time with family, & extra sleep.

"Dino Gomez is one of the only guys I recommend you work with." - Kyle Brown, ESPN host, Celebrity Fitness Training
Over $10,000 sold + 500 Memberships in 1 DAY!
We did that for a corporate client with multiple locations.
$28,200 in 60 days for this boutique gym owner!
Those appointments she mentions below... sell for $400 each!
Karl's business doubled and he had his best month since 2012!
Email from Karl to Dino. 
$16,000 in first 30 days 
+ 203 leads.  
Our Clients Have Full Calendar's of Scheduled Appts. to Onboard New Bootcamp Members
See how we generated 254 Leads for $1.63 each for a small gym.
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Get in touch with us and we'll give you our play by play strategy for adding an additional $10,000/month to your gym in 30 days. 
Take our strategy and run OR stick around & we'll make your life easy.
With a 100% Money Back Guarantee that we will 2x your investment in 30 days you have nothing to lose.
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