"If history were taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten."
Rudyard Kipling
There's no time like the present.
​Are you ready to record your story?
Record Your Heritage & Memories
Work With Eternal Roots and Receive
  • Certainty. Take comfort knowing your story will live on.
  • Significance. Your story is unique and belongs to you. Celebrate your life.
  • Connection. Past, present and future generations are connected through shared family history.
  • Growth. Reflection is a catalyst for self-improvement.
  • Contribution. Sharing your story will enrich the lives of your loved ones.
Preserve Your Memories, Lessons, & Philosophies
Our clients have shared stories about:
  • Growing up in the Depression;
  • Military service;
  • Overcoming abuse and addiction;
  • Professional accomplishments (CEOs, doctors, lawyers and judges);
  • Family history and traditions
Your family will benefit from connecting with you and your roots. Share your wisdom!​
What story will you tell?
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Share Your Story with an Eternal Roots
Custom Documentary
Record Your Heritage & Memories
You have a lifetime of stories and experiences inside you. Eternal Roots provides a tangible way to preserve your memories and connect your family through generations. 

We interview and record your story on video, then we include your favorite photos throughout the video to compliment your story and create depth. The video is then transcribed word-for-word into a book, which also includes your photos. 

You receive a professionally created video and book memorializing your life.
Everyone Deserves to Hear Your Story 
We frequently hear this comment, and don't believe it for a second. You have grown and survived to become the person you are today, and you have a unique story to share. You will benefit from preserving your story, and your family will benefit from hearing it. 
Share Your Stories From the Comfort of Your Home
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Give the Gift of Lasting Memories.
How Does it Work? 
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