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In 2018 ads require a few more elements than they did back in 2014. The biggest element is "trust". Why will a stranger give you their information even if you have a great offer online. 

Have you ever seen a local business offer 50% off a membership and thought to yourself, "Wow they must have a horrible facility or do a poor job. Why else would they be giving that discount. I'll pass."

See, sometimes a great offer can come off as, "too good to be true". 

So how can you build trust quickly enough that your target audience will exchange their contact info for your offer online? The answer is the trust-authority sequence. 

The trust-authority sequence is a template for structuring ads in a manner that converts. The sequence works to answer all the primal questions that a cold audience will have about an online offer and it will also rebuttal any doubts. 

Now, the trust-authority sequence is made of 11 elements. Here's an example of one such element. 

Lets say we are running an ad for a local cleaning company who has an outstanding 50% discount offer. 

Element #8 of the trust-authority sequence explains that we need to "Tell our audience WHY we are running this discount or making an offer."

Are we running this discount because this cleaning company is desperate, has horrible online reviews, and needs a fast buck? 

Or, are we running our annual summer special only available to 30 local residents in which we donate 10% of the proceeds to a charity?

You can see how the latter exemplifies that the cleaning company is in good financial standing, a contributor the community, and must be well off since they are donating proceeds to a charity.

Now the audience has level of certainty that this discount is a legit good deal. 

This is merely one aspect of the trust-authority sequence. 

When all 11 elements of the sequence are combined together, a cold audience has all their questions answered, understands the exchange of value, trusts the advertiser, recognizes the value they are receiving, and desires the offer.

So then Dino, who are you and why are you offering the trust-authority sequence template to us for Free? 

I apologize. How rude of me. Let me introduce myself. 

I'm Dino Gomez, the founder and CEO of Dynamik Internet Marketing inc. For the last 8 years we've been delivering digital marketing services to clients including universities, software firms, national retail chains, attorneys, doctors, dentists, you name it. 

We have an impressive portfolio of reviews if I may say so humbly. Feel free to Google search us or visit our agency website. You'll see we have a Yelp page, numerous case studies, a blog, videos on Youtube.... you name it. Basically I'm saying we're a real agency. 

And when I'm not playing CEO there, I'm managing my personal blog, Dynamik365.com, where I've helped 100's of entreprenuer's leave their 9-5 job, grow their business, and get results for their clients.

There's actually a reviews page on Dynamik365 where you can read what these 100's of entrepreneur's have to say about me. Some kind words from these folks on how I'm able to deliver.

So again, why am I offering you the trust-authority sequence to you for free? Well, because I want your email of course. 

You see I have a podcast launching soon called, The Secrets of Advertising, where guest interviewees and myself will reveal the best advertising tactics of 2018 into 2019

It will be free to download and listen to and with a bigger email list, we can have a bigger launch in Itunes. 

The podcast is something that will go hand in hand with this template for those that want to master paid advertising. 

So my friends, if you feel like you know me a little better and my intentions, and if your ads aren't converting like you want them to.... lets make a fair exchange.

You can download the template below. Or, if I need to build more trust first, feel free to checkout any of our sites mentioned above to learn more about me.

Ok, the fiance is calling. My turn to cook.

Download the trust-authority sequence and keep in touch. 

Talk soon, 
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