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Low Income Market, No Problem. Gym Sells $3200 + Grabs 34 Leads in 6 days!
Written by Dino Gomez 
Another 9 Round Fitness Franchise and another success story in the making. But this location is a special case.

The owner of 9 Round Fitness (franchise) approached us because his gym was struggling to generate leads and was unprofitable. 

He was worried the gym's location in a low end income housing market was hindering sales. Well, we're on our way to changing his thoughts on that. 
so far we're only 6 days into the campaign and the numbers are fantastic. Here are the numbers: 
  • 34 leads
  • $3200 in Revenue
Now normally our campaigns turn up a notch in week's 2 and 3 of the first 30 days as our advertising becomes stronger. (the more data we have the better we do)

This leaves us confident that this campaign will produce around $14,200 in additional revenue and somewhere in the ballpark of 120 leads after 30 days!

Keep in mind this revenue is from leads signing up to an introductory short term offer. About 22% of these leads will convert to annual members which will boost revenue from this campaign closer to $20,000. 

Changing From Wishful Marketing to Number's Based Marketing
The reason our program is consistently successful is because it was designed and is based around mathematical equations. We acquire leads at a cost, know our lead to member close ratio, and update our pricing so we'll be profitable. (we buy leads cheap, calculate a few closes, price to be profitable) And that's it. 

So why was this gym struggling before bumping into us? The main reason is what we like to call, "wishful marketing"

Wishful marketing is when a business hopes to grow without having a completely number's based lead generation strategy. But there's more to it that that. Here are a few things that constitute "wishful  marketing" in our book:   
  •  Referrals are your main lead source
  •  You post on Social Media for a few likes
  •  Your pricing is based on your competitor's pricing
  •  You offer the un-original "1-day free pass" or "7-day trial"
  •  You've grandfathered members into a monthly price of half what you should be charging
  •  You don't know your numbers (cost per lead, avg. member lifetime value, churn rate, etc)

Wishful marketing is no way to run a business. A profitable business is run by numbers and math.
A Profitable Gym is Run By Numbers and Math
A profitable gym knows their numbers and spends money to make more money. 

Here's an example of what this looks like.

A profitable gym will put in $100 to acquire 10 leads with the understanding that one of those 10 leads becomes a member paying you back $100/month. 

*(This gym also knows a member stays with them 6 months on average. So each member is worth $600. )

This gym pays $100 in advertising, receives back $600 in revenue, and profits $500. Then they rinse and repeat. 

That's it. That is how a business is run. It is run by numbers. 

Seems simple enough right? Or is it? 

How We Generated 34 Leads in 6 Days in a low-income Market
Gyms come to us because they need leads! The problem these small gym owners face is two fold:

1). They are barely profitable and don't have money for marketing
2). They lack leads hence why they are struggling to turn a profit

That viscious cycle thing......

The Solution: A Revolutionary Gym Marketing Program
At Gym Authority 365 we work with a lotta gyms and help them generate a 5-10x ROI on their investment. 

Recently we launched a new campaign for a client whose gym resides in a low income area. But our marketing strategy is winning out.

So far we've generated 34 leads in just 6 days for a 9 Round Fitness franchised location.  How did we do it? Here's an overview play by play. 
1. We Crafted a Unique Offer
Every gym on the face of this earth offers a "1 day pass" or "7 day trial". Although this used to be effective, it is no longer unique. 

When your offer mimics the other 20 gyms in a 5 mile radius why would anyone choose you over them? 

Your first guess may be pricing but.... you all probably have similar pricing so that's not it.

What you really need is a unique offer. That's what we did for 9 Round Fitness. We crafted a unique offer that would get people's attention and get them in the door of the gym. 

The key here is to get people to come to you. Only after they have met you, experienced your gym, invested time to come to you, trust you, and like you; will they buy from you! 

If you know your numbers well (such as average lifetime value of a member) you'll understand what you can afford to do upfront to get people in the door. 

What was our unique offer? It's one we only reveal to our risk free clients. 

Risk free as in we guarantee our gym clients 100+ leads per month or we work for free. Oh yeah, our clients don't pay us until we get results. (we know your small gym is cash flow strapped and our program works so we are confident enough to offer this to you if you qualify). Learn more about our program at Gym Authority 365 and if you qualify here. 

See: The Secret Marketing Strategy Driving Profitable Gyms! Do you Know What You're Doing Wrong?
2. We Set A High Monthly Rate
People don't care as much as you think about your prices. They care about results! That's it, results! 

And they care about pricing..... but not the way you understand it. People care about pricing in the manner of whether they feel they are getting a valuable deal. 

So how do you make your prospects feel like they are getting a great deal?

You overdeliver on your services, you make they feel like an individual, you get to know them, provide them a high benchmark monthly pricing option in order that they opt for a longer term committment at a greatly reduced monthly rate. 

Here's an example. 

Your gym charges $50/month currently but you should be charging $100/month. You meet a prospect and get to know them. (more on this later). 

You explain to your prospect that your monthly rate is $150/month on a month to month basis OR... they can sign into a year contract at $100/month and save a ton of money! 

Now your prospect feels like $100/month is a great deal!

If this sounds simple that's because it is but there's way more to it. Everybody uses that trick right? 
3). We Advertised on Facebook and Focused On Clicks First
Facebook advertising is incredible because we can choose the demographics, geography, and interests of an audience we would like to run our advertisements too. 

But Facebook ads don't work unless you can grab the attention of your audience away from the friends and viral videos they are watching. 

How do you grab your audiences attention to seek out your gym? 

You make an irrestible and incredible offer. Anything short of an amazing offer will go ignored. So that's what we did. We created a unique offer (point #1) that grabbed our audiences attention and got them to click on the ad. 

We have a photo of one of the video ads below. We had to chop out the ad text copy since that reveals our unique offer (have to be fair to clients and keep that secret sauce for them).

Then we sent this traffic to a custom landing page that did several things to help convert that traffic into a lead. (continued below) 
4). We Built A Custom Landing Page & Focused On Conversions
Now that we had great attention-grabbing unique offer, had filmed our client on camera to use in the Facebook advertising campaign, and were recieving clicks on our ads; we designed a custom landing page to receive this web traffic. 

Landing pages are a huge part of a Facebook ad campaign's success and are often done incorrectly. 

A great landing page does the following: 
  •  Recites the Same Offer that was made in the advertisement
  •  Builds trust thru testimonials and graphics 
  •  Is mobile friendly 
  •  Loads quickly
  •  Connects to an autoresponder 
  •  Forwards the Lead Info Correctly and Promptly
  •  Rebutles all potential doubts/fears
  •  Answers common questions
  •  Provides Incentive for Providing accurate lead info (name, email, telephone)
  •  Provides Driving Directions to Your Gym 
  •  Allows for A/B testing so you can try different variations of a landing page to see which works best
On this landing page we tested and tested several different variations of copy, colors, images, image placement, text placement, and format until we found a winner!

Now we were collecting leads by the dozens. 

****Here's a look at our autoresponder (below) follow up to any leads that come in for our client. Autoresponders are important touch points to get leads into the door of your gym. 
5). We Ran Retargeting Ads to Anyone Who Visited Our Landing Page But Didn't Sign Up
With Facebook ads we have the ability to target very specific audiences including audiences whom have visited a webpage we own. 

During this campaign we ran what are called, "Retargeting ads" to anybody whom had clicked our ad (showing interest in our offer), but that did not convert into a lead. 

Our retargeting ads were then shown to everybody who was so close to converting but that bounced away last second before giving us their name, email, and phone number. 

These ads were a bit different than the first ones and prompted the audience to take action before our special offer closed permanently. Our retargeting ads along with some other technical advertising strategies helped us grab additional leads that had almost slipped away. 

So far we've generated 34 leads and our client has closed $3200 worth of new business from our unique offer. Again we're estimating about $13,200 by the end of 30 days and close to $20,000 after upsells come into play for our client. 

Here is a screenshot from the end results of our advertising campaign. (below) As you can see we're getting clicks for about $.34 cents. 

6). We Coached Our Client On How to Follow Up With Leads
Saying the right thing at the right time makes all the difference in the world. For example, have you ever been interested in buying something only to change your mind days later?

At Gym Authority 365 we don't just generate leads we generate revenue and a massive ROI for our clients. 

We consult our gym owners and their trainers on how to close leads and transition them into paying members by providing a short video series on sales psychology as it relates to the fitness industry. 

Over the past 6 days as we began to generate leads for 9 Rounds Fitness, our client was quick to follow up with these leads in the fashion in which we instructed. 

This ensured a higher lead to show ratio at the gym! It's at the gym where our client sold 8 special offer packages to collect that $3200 in revenue. 

30 Day Results of Our Campaign
Coming Soon.... We'll update this post shortly. We're on Day 6 of our campaign as we write this. 
Want Risk Free Marketing for Your Gym?  See if you qualify for our lead gen program here!
Gym Marketing: The Secret Sauce 
The secret to a profitable gym is a few things. You need to know your numbers, you need a consistent lead flow, you need to acquire members at 1/4 the cost of the average member lifetime value, and you need to focus only on running your gym (not marketing).

Luckily, that's where comes in. We specialize in affordable lead acquisition with minimal upfront costs and leads guaranteed or we don't get paid. 

Give us a shot. There's no risk to you

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About Author: Dino Gomez

Dino Gomez is the founder of Gym Authority 365, where we guarantee 100 leads to your small gym in 30 days or we work for free. He is a 10-year internet marketing veteran, lead generation expert, owns multiple marketing agencies, and is a well known consultant to business owners across the world.   
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