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Founder, Dino Gomez
Gym CEOS my name is Dino Gomez and my goal is to grow your gym 10x. Let me give you some background on this. 

In case your one of those bizarrely curious individuals who needs to know qualifications above the heaps of testimonials; here's my story.

I started when I was 22 hired as the online marketing director at Advecor; now Aspen Marketing. Both firms specialized in direct advertising for the fitness industry. I stayed for 6 months and grew the department to 48 gym clients. 

After 6 months in a hellish cubicle I grabbed my nikes, my protein shaker, and walked out the door. I wasn't meant to be trapped and confined. So I started a marketing firm that has become well recognized. 

A few years later, I started Gym Authority 365 and we've grown to work with 100's of gyms and multiple franchises stretching across a multitude of countries. 

We've worked with The Gold's and The EOS' and any other household gym name you know. 

The capital funding behind the corporate giants of the industry makes marketing stupid easy. But I don't like easy.  Strategy goes out out the door. "Screw that." I'm all about strategy, systemization, and sales." That's why we've chosen to work with small gyms only now. (And yes, I just quoted myself while writing my bio in the first person. My literature could use help.) 

Over the course of working with big corporate gyms we came to realize where they are weak. That is to say, we found the opportunities for small gyms to steal away a large portion of the market share with cutting edge advertising, funnels, offers, sales, and service. 

Our mission here is simple. Take you from a gym owner to a badass GYM CEO who has sales, marketing, and systems dialed in. 

Take your pre-workout now and get fired up. We've done this countless times and will do it for you too. 

Gym Marketing
Lead Director, Chelsea Marie
Gym CEOs let me tell you about our superstar director of marketing, Chelsea Marie. Don't mess with her. She's fierce.

Chelsea is an online marketing expert specializing in traffic generation. She has a Bachelors degree in Marketing, and has been in the marketing industry for 8 years. 

As well, Chelsea has been a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and nutritionist. Having a background and understanding in the health and fitness industry as well as online, she is now onboard our team to help you build kick ass marketing funnels and dial in your advertising. 

You'll have your first onboarding call with Chelsea when you join our program. She'll make sure your ad copy is slick, your funnels are on fire, your followup is swift, and your sales pitch is undeniably good. 

Have a look at our case studies if you want to see how good. 

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